I m sick..

Yesterday i tried to sleep early,

but at last I cant, because of my ill.

Haiz..... Today i cant walk to college lo.. If i walk, i think i will faint on the road.

My eyes felt tired. I felt tht i cant breath properly.

Today CRM result came out, all people was so excited bcs they had a really good result,

but i m not excited, not said tht my result not good but also not a good result .

It is normal. This mid term ezam, i m not really focus on study. I am jealous that casper can get a good result thn me. hehe

I cant said anythings. Bcs I am lazy. HAHA. Oklah. I promise tht I will do well at final. Hope tht I wont broke my promise.

Recently really pokai, so many clubbing, party, birthday party going on. OMG

this thursday, the party place will at my house.  Anyone want to come?

I think our classmate wont see this article because they always said my blog have a lot of words that did not understand.

So always call me chinese ah pek. Hahaha. U all ar.. Indo Ah ma, and banana la....

Now, people always call me lim zi zeong, lim zi zeong, 1st time they called me like tht, i was not happy, bcs u knw la.. chinese ah pek always dun like ppl change thier chinese name der... I will felt that you are not respect me..

But after tht. watever la.. just for fun... haha...

I think after that i will very bz for my academic

bcs now after midterm ezam it is means the final it is not far away.

Many assigment have to pass up.

And october is my favourite month.

I DUN wan tell u all wht is going on.

Bcs i said out. u will said my face is very tebal.. HAHA



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